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Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is perfect for women who are thinning on the top and crown area of their head. The needs of each client are unique, however, rest assured that although scalp micropigmentation was originally developed for men, women can benefit too. If you want to do something about your hair loss, scalp micropigmentation may provide the answer. How does the process work?
The application of scalp micropigmentation is usually quite painless. There may be a little discomfort in more sensitive regions like the temples, but most people report only very mild sensitivity during their procedure. We offer our own numbing lotion for women who may be concerned about any discomfort, although for most people it really isn’t necessary.
When implanting our inks, we match the hair perfectly, then go one shade darker, to give the shadow illusion to get the ‘full head of hair’ look that is desired.